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model collision

Jul 4, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Hi, i need some help on the collision. The reason is when i use these lines of code on my 3d model. But the model won't detect the ground. Is there any other way to create collision detection

	NewtonMaterial physMat2 = new NewtonMaterial();
            // Gound to ball material interaction
            physMat2.MaterialName1 = "Ground";
            physMat2.MaterialName2 = "Domino";
            physMat2.Elasticity = 0.7f;
            physMat2.ContactProcessCallback = delegate(Vector3 contactPosition,
                Vector3 contactNormal, float contactSpeed,
                float colObj1ContactTangentSpeed, float colObj2ContactTangentSpeed,
                Vector3 colObj1ContactTangentDirection,
                Vector3 colObj2ContactTangentDirection)
                if (contactSpeed > 3f)
                    Console.Write("11 \n");

FYI, i did set interactable, collidable, addToPhysicxEngine and pickable to true.