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Goblin XNA v3.4

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Released: Apr 9, 2010
Updated: Jan 5, 2011 by ohanoda
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Release Notes

This is Goblin XNA Version 3.4 release.
The installation process is much simpler now!!


1. Inlcuded DShowNET.dll and Lidgren.Network.dll with the distribution, so you only need to download Netwon and
ALVAR or ARTag library.

2. Added the GetScale(..) method to NewtonPhysics for getting the scale of a physics object.

3. Added the NetConfig property to LidgrenServer and LidgrenClient classes, so that the user can manually configure
the networking settings (e.g., max number of connections allowed, max delay).

4. Added support for sensor data acquisition from Vuzix iWear Wrap 920 eyewear. See the updated iWearTracker class for

5. Added ALVARWrapper1.3 under the wrappers directory to support the VTT ALVAR 1.3.0 release.

6. Added the NullCapture class under the Device.Capture directory to support static images.

7. Added support to automatically detect whether Vuzix iWear VR920 or Wrap 920 eyewear is plugged in,
and to enable side-by-side stereo graphics format on the VGA adapter automatically.

8. Added the DetectAdditional property to the ALVARMarkerTracker class.

9. Added Tutorial 14 to demonstrate skinned model animation.

10. Partially finished scene loading and saving functionality. This is a work in progress: It handles simple scenes,
but is not yet complete.

11. Added the ability to save an ALVAR multimarker configuration in XML format by using the
MarkerLayout too: Specify an "xml" file extension when outputting the config file.

12. Added PreTranslation and PostTranslation properties to the TransformNode class. Please see the API documentation
for details.

Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed a problem with the physics engine add/removal process for geometry nodes when a SwitchNode is used to switch
between different branches.

2. Fixed a Newton Game Dynamics joint re-addition problem.

3. Fixed a bug in the DefaultTransparencyComparer class.

4. Fixed a bug in single marker detection using the AssociateMarker(int) signature. Now the
MarkerNode(IMarkerTracker, int) signature will work as expected.

5. Fixed texture mapping and transparent rendering problems for 3D models defined in .fbx and .x files.

6. Fixed the minimum bounding box computation in Model.cs and triangle mesh calculation in
NewtonPhysics.cs for models with multiple model meshes and parts.

7. Fixed a bug in the MarkerLayout tool. The lines that indicate the marker size are supposed to be status indicator
in the generated configuration .txt file.

8. Fixed a problem in assigning WorldTransformation directly to a TransformNode.

9. Fixed a bug in the TransformNode class for its multiplication ordering. Prior to v3.4, scale and rotation were
performed in the wrong order. (This would have caused incorrect behavior only if the x, y, and z scale factors
were not identical.) Starting in v3.4, the PreTranslation property was added, and PostTranslation was added as
an alias for Translation.


1. Modified Tutorial 12 to be able to handle scaling of the vehicle model.

2. Modified Tutorial 13 to support side-by-side stereo for Vuzix iWear Wrap 920 eyewear.

3. Modified Tutorial 10 in accordance with the network handling code migration (see below).

4. Moved all network handling code in the Scene class to the INetworkHandler implementation. This
makes it possible for a programmer who does not like how network messages are handled
in Goblin, to implement their own NetworkHandler to replace the default implementation.

5. Changed State.IsMultiCore to State.ThreadOption to allow a programmer to specify exactly what operations to

6. Modified the IVideoCapture interface and its implementations slightly.

7. Removed the StaticImageFile property of the IMarkerTracker interface.

8. Modified Tutorial 8 to include an example of performing tracking on a static image.

9. Removed the MarkerBase class, and migrated all necessary functionality to the Scene class.

and more..

Reviews for this release

Excelente trabalho, estou me aventurando e fazendo testes com o mesmo.
by kellysonvictor on Jul 30, 2010 at 1:10 PM
Excellent framework that makes it easy to create your own AR applications. Takes the mystery out of Augmented Reality Programming and will shave months off your development timeline.
by stevenhenderson on Jul 21, 2010 at 2:26 AM