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problem to getting started

Oct 10, 2011 at 3:22 PM


I'm starting to use GoblinXNA and I have some problems with the installation guide.

following the steps of the installation guide:

First, install ALVAR 1.5.0 and download and install OpenCV 1.0, which is required for running ALVAR 1.5.0. (You will need to restart your computer after installing OpenCV 1.0. to make sure that your path environment variable is set correctly.) Then, open ALVARWrapper1.5.sln under the GoblinXNAv3.6\wrappers\ALVARWrapper1.5 directory (You will need either Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition or Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition to open this solution file, as well as ALVAR project files). Compile this project and copy the generated ALVARWrapper.dll from the GoblinXNAv3.6\wrappers\ALVARWrapper1.5\Release directory to the GoblinXNAv3.6\dlls\unmanaged directory.

In my project folder does not appear the Release directory, but instead displays theDebug folderinside which there is ALVARWrapper1.5.dllBut in the installation guide I read that needs the ALVARWrapper.dll

How can I solve this problem?



Oct 14, 2011 at 4:15 PM