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Version 3.2 Released!!

Apr 29, 2009 at 10:07 PM
The followings are the changes for version 3.2 (also noted in the ReleaseNotes.txt that comes with the download)

1. New Support

   a) Added Vuzix's iWear VR920 (which is a stereoscopic display with orientation tracking) support, and the 
      classes can be found in GoblinXNA.Device.iWear package.

   b) Added GetClosestPoint(..) method in NewtonPhysics which calculates the closest points between two
      physics object.

   c) Added additional placement options for Notifier class. Now it allows custom starting location and
      transition direction.

   d) Added a "tools" folder, and the visual debugging tool (SceneGraphDisplay) is included.

   e) Added ImageFormat enum in IVideoCapture class that specifies the format of ImagePtr property, which
      will be passed to the marker tracker library. ImageFormat parameter is added to the InitVideoCapture(...)
      function. Prior to this change, the format of ImagePtr was always R8G8B8_24 format which works for

   f) Added tutorial 13 for iWear VR920 stereo demo.

   g) Added LeftEyeVideoID, RightEyeVideoID, LeftEyeVideoImageShift, and RightEyeVideoImageShift properties 
      to Scene class in order to support stereo video overlay.

   h) Added VideoVisibleArea property to Scene class so that the visible area of the video image rendered on the
      background can be modified. By default, it rendres the entire video image when ShowCameraImage is set to

2. Modifications

   a) Removed audioDeviceID parameter from IVideoCapture's InitVideoCapture(...) function since it's unlikely
      that anyone will use the audio input that comes with the webcam. Also, if you see the discussion post,
      it puts weird restriction on the resolution of the video device when audio device is used, so it's more
      harmful than useful to have the audioDeviceID parameter.

   b) Changed MarkerNode constructors' last parameter's type from "params String[]" to "params Object[]".

   c) GenericInput, KeyboardInput, MouseInput, GPS, InterSense, and InputMapper classes are now singleton 
      classes, so you should use the Instance property to access their instantiations. 

   d) GPS and InterSense classes are not automatically initialized by the InputMapper class anymore, so you
      need to create their instance and initialize them yourself, and add them to InputMapper class through 
      InputMapper.AddInputDevice(...) or InputMapper.Add6DOFInputDevice(...) functions if you want to use either 
      InterSense or GPS device. After you add them, make sure to call InputMapper.Reenumerate() function. 

   e) Due to the change above, you don't need the InterSenseEnable, InterSenseHost, or InterSensePort setting
      variables in the setting file to use InterSense anymore. Instead, you should directly pass those parameters
      (host name and port number) to InterSense constructor if you want to connect to it through network server.

   f) Removed InputDeviceDriver class since it's not used anymore.

   g) Modified several tutorials due to the changes above.

   h) Modified the ground marker array for tutorial 8.

   i) IMarkerTracker interface now requires ZNearPlane and ZFarPlane property.

3. Improvements & Bug Fixes

   a) Fixed tutorial 11 problem, and tutorial 8 problem (incorrect ground size).

   b) Fixed undeterministic behavior when adding nodes. If a node is added to the scene graph while the scene
      graph is being traversed, it can cause undeterministic behavior. This problem has been fixed.

   c) Fixed re-addition of Newton joints when RestartSimulation() is called in NewtonPhysics. 
Apr 30, 2009 at 6:57 PM
Hi Ohan,
just downloaded the version 3.2 to update my project, but it needs NyArtoolkit.. Is it necessary? I went through the installation guide and it isn't there. Which version should be downloaded?


Laetitia Mendes
Apr 30, 2009 at 8:24 PM
Oops, please remove the reference from Goblin XNA project. It should not be there. Thanks for letting me know. I'll make that change.